Bowlers Community Nursery

Our Community

A Community Nursery

The acting manager and her staff are an experienced, ambitious and friendly team. They are dedicated to providing the very best care and education for all children. Staffs’ partnerships with parents are very strong. Children are at ease within the nursery and explore the environment well, demonstrating that they feel safe. Their behaviour is good. Children benefit from effective praise and support from the staff, which enhances their emotional development.

Ofsted, November 2018

While we are supported by Islington Council, Bowlers is a registered charity and is managed by parents in a special partnership. A core team of parent directors oversees the nursery’s good management, but it is a condition of accepting a place at Bowlers that all parents attend regular management meetings. This allows parents to have a say in how the nursery is run and is undoubtedly one of its assets.

Our AGM is held yearly and followed by a community social that is attended by children, parents and staff. We gather together to celebrate the achievements of the previous year and share strategies for the future.

Social Events

Our social events and fundraising committee regularly organises get-togethers (both with and without the children) to encourage parents to get to know each other.
For parents new to the area or just looking to meet more families with children of similar ages, this offers opportunities to build friendships beyond the drop-offs and pick-ups at nursery.

Bowlers is truly a community nursery. There is no doubt that our children’s well-being is always at the heart of everything they do (we have two children attending). The parental involvement in the nursery allows us to feel involved in what’s happening with our children, and is a way for us to help keep the nursery such a unique place.

L. Gordon

Community Support

We are always looking to build strong links with the local business community and are very grateful for the support they have shown the nursery in past years.