Bowlers Community Nursery

Our Team

Aoife Morgan Aoife Morgan
Nursery Manager and Admissions Co-ordinator
Janet Abraham Janet Abraham
Deputy Manager and SENCO
Angeliki Tsotsola Angeliki Tsotsola
Early Years Teacher
Beverly Karani Beverly Karani
Early Years Practitioner
Chris Francis Chris Francis
Finance officer
Leah Morgan Leah Morgan
Early Years Practitioner
Leroy Daley Leroy Daley
Chef and Kitchen Manager
Lisa Rathour Lisa Rathour
Early Years Practitioner and Health and Safety Officer
Maria Bennacer Maria Bennacer
Early Years Support Worker
Nazan Suleyman Nazan Suleyman
Early Years Practitioner
Rose Rowley Rose Rowley
Early Years Support Worker
Yamina Bennacer Yamina Bennacer
Lead Professional for 0-2 year olds
Yasemin Ahmet Yasemin Ahmet
Early Years Practitioner