Bowlers Community Nursery

Our Team

Aoife Morgan Aoife Morgan
The Bowlers’ manager is Level 4 qualified in Early Years. Aoife is kept busy with office duties and is the admissions coordinator.
Janet Abraham Janet Abraham
Acting deputy manager and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).
Beverly Karani Beverly Karani
Nursery worker
Chris Aihoon Chris Aihoon
Finance officer
Gabriela Inquillay Gabriela Inquillay
Nursery worker
Leroy Daley Leroy Daley
Leroy is the Bowlers’ chef and has a Certificate in Food Handling & Hygiene.
Lisa Rathour Lisa Rathour
Nursery worker
Mariama Abdul-Rahim Mariama Abdul-Rahim
Nursery worker
Nazan Suleyman Nazan Suleyman
Support worker
Rose Rowley Rose Rowley
Support worker
Shannon Kinsella Shannon Kinsella
Nursery worker
Viviana Quispia-Salinas Viviana Quispia-Salinas
Nursery worker
Yamina Bennacer Yamina Bennacer
Nursery worker
Yoselin Valdez Yoselin Valdez
Lunchtime cover worker
Students Students

Courtney Hall
Gizem Kandemir
Sheni Barry