Bowlers Community Nursery

Our Approach

At Bowlers, we believe that what every young child has in common is the need for plenty of love, care and familiar routine which incorporates their own individual needs and interests. We operate a Key Person system, so that children can forge strong and loving relationships with their key staff member, helping them feel secure away from home. But our team recognises that parents are the primary carers and educators and work closely with parents to learn about their child and their life at home.

Our activities are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, but more importantly they have a child centred approach, the emphasis being on learning through play.


Bowlers values its staff very highly and places great emphasis on the fact that we have an exceptionally low turnover rate of our staff, some of whom have been here for more than 20 years. The Bowlers core team are well supported and encouraged to further their qualifications and training whilst working at the nursery.

My daughter joined the baby room at Bowlers over a year ago and has recently moved onto the main floor – she loves it! The staff were great helping her settle in and created a warm and loving environment for her from the start – putting photos of her family up on the walls, reading her favourite books etc all to make her feel at home. The care and consideration they take, which is evident in the way they talk with and about the kids, is brilliant and makes me feel so much happier about leaving my daughter when I go off to work.

K. Brown


Bowlers recognises the importance of healthy eating. Our trained on-site cook Leroy devises a new menu each day using quality, fresh ingredients, aiming to consistently introduce the children to a variety of different tastes and textures. See a sample four-week menu. Leroy is experienced in catering for all types of needs such as gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, Kosher and other dietary or religious requirements.

Mealtimes are also a social and interactive time for the children, who eat together daily with the help of staff. In addition to main meals, the children are provided with healthy snacks throughout the day.

Our daughter was less than a year old when she joined Bowlers. We had thought hard about which childcare provision would be best for her at such a young age, and we chose Bowlers because it offered a loving and secure environment with a well-established and experienced team. We have not regretted our decision for a second; our daughter has thrived, building strong relationships with her key worker and other staff, and making her first friends. She loves all the activities but always gets cuddles when needed.

D. Lewis

Key Person system

Bowlers Nursery successfully operates a Key Person system. We pride ourselves on the relationships we establish with all the children, however the Key Person has a special connection with an assigned small group of children. We endeavour to have a balance of key children within each group, including their age, gender and ethnic background.

We cater to some very young children and babies and feel that it is crucial that strong and loving relationships are forged so that children can cope with separating from their parents and help them to feel secure away from their homes. It important for children’s emotional well-being and development that they form a strong and secure attachment with a consistent and significant person – the role of the Key Person enables that to happen.

At Bowlers we value the Key Person System and the benefits it brings to the children and families; communication is an integral component of a good relationship and feedback is crucial in terms of sharing home and nursery life.