Bowlers Community Nursery

Practical Details

Opening Times

We open at 8.30am and close at 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Our nursery is open during 49 weeks of the year; we shut for two weeks in August and one week between Christmas and New Year. You do not pay for the days when the nursery is closed.

We also have five Inset days during the year. These are days when the nursery is closed to children to allow our staff to complete training and administration, and Islington Council recommends that all Early Years settings have five per year. We try to arrange them so that they generally take place at the start or end of the holidays. For 2014/15 the Inset days are 18th November, 2nd January, 7th April, 10th June and 14th August. Inset days, and Bank Holidays, are paid for.


Bowlers is financially assisted by Islington Council and therefore follows its fees guidelines. You can find out more about fees on Islington Council’s website.

We accept childcare vouchers – which can help working families save up to £1866 a year – and will provide you with all necessary information if your application is successful.


Bowlers was fully inspected in June 2012 by Ofsted and was graded ‘Good with Outstanding Features’.  The most recent Ofsted inspection took place in April 2014. It coincided with an INSET day, when there were no children present. For that reason, Ofsted carried out a more restricted inspection, focusing on policies and documentation, and Bowlers was found to meet all requirements.  The full Ofsted reports are available from Ofsted’s website.


Bowlers is registered for 36 children aged between 3 months and 5 years. We offer full time and part time (but not half day) places. Applications are welcome from anywhere in Islington, as well as outside the borough. Bowlers seeks to establish a cultural, social, economic and gender mix through its admissions policy.

As of May 2017 we have the following places available in the baby room (for children aged up to 2 years old):

  • 1 full time place
  • 1 part time place (Monday & Tuesday only)
  • From June 2017 we will have the following places available in the main room (for children aged over 2 years old):

  • 2 full time places
  • 1 part time place (Thursday & Friday only)
  • If you are interested in your child attending Bowlers, please download our Child Admissions Form complete it and post it to us. Please also download and read the Co-Chairs Welcome letter

     “When we moved to Britain, our child did not know one word of English. However, just after a couple of weeks at Bowlers, he started to speak in the new language and his confidence grew day by day. We are very happy to have chosen Bowlers nursery – it is a very warm and welcoming place, with dedicated staff who take care of the individual needs of each child.

    D. Siemens


    Our Policies

    Please click on the links below to read our policies:

    Bowlers’ Positive Behaviour Policy

    Bowlers’ Food & Drink Policy

    Bowlers’ Equal Opps Policy (June 13)

    Bowlers’ Complaints Policy & Procedure (June 13)